58th Zoom gathering this evening

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Coventry and Warwickshire Humanists

Our 58th zoom gathering

Music: TBA

Reporting on Humanism in The Courier papers: Brian Nicol

May Newsletter: copy needed, posting due tomorrow.

Free: Mubarak Bala

Free: Nazanin Ratcliffe

A Poem: chosen and read by Audrey

Finances: how to make contributions to our funds and contact the treasurer.

Conversion Attempt: John Gainer.

Cartoon of the week: Egghead.

Hail (on) the Woodlands: Andrew and Mo

Art: Alistair

The Quiz: BGB

Recommendations: What have you read, listened to or heard this week?

Classy Music: TBA

If you would like to pop in to our meeting please send an email to rmjelley@gmail.com

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