About us

Welcome to cwhumanists.org, the online home of the Coventry and Warwickshire Humanist Group. The group has been in existence since 1975.  The website is a vehicle for us to share information about humanism in general, about non-religious activities local to our area, publish news updates (our ‘newsletter’), and link to other similar organisations and groups we are affiliated to.
Please feel free to browse the site, and if you have any questions, you can get in touch with us at cwhumanists@gmail.com
We previously operated as a membership organisation and our members paid a subscription which helped to fund a paper newsletter and the hire of a meeting room.  Now we are online, anyone can choose to donate to us using the button in the menu bar to the right.  Our money is used to purchase the domain name, and some of it, by agreement of our members, has been donated to the Ugandan Humanist Schools Trust which helps schools in Uganda working to offer liberal, humanist education to needy children. Click here to find out more about the scheme.

Have you ever heard of Humanism before?

If the answer is ‘no’ you should read on

Humanism is the alternative to religious belief, it is a serious philosophy of life, based on a concern for humanity in general and for human individuals in particular

Humanism is for those people who believe they can live a fulfilling and moral life without religion. We recognise that good rules for behaviours have evolved from human experience and are not the prerogative of religion

Humanism rejects the belief that there is any form of life after death.  We believe that physical death is the end of life but that individuals can leave enduring works and memories

Humanism works towards the day when all children are given a broad, free and objective education, without bias towards any particular form of religion or dogma

Humanists look for scientific explanations of the natural world.  We consider the idea of ‘God’ to be a product of human imagination.  However comforting or inspiring the idea of a god may be to some people, it has no substance in the physical universe.

The humanist logo is the ‘Happy Human’