The Christian Church – privileged and in power.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb has announced that, when the Government is made aware of schools that are not carrying out daily acts of Christian ‘collective worship’, it will enforce it.

The UK is the only sovereign state in the world to impose Christian worship as standard in state schools.


We’ve campaigned for decades against the requirement that all schools, including schools with no religious character, lead pupils in Christian ‘collective worship’. In recent years, we’ve taken some small comfort from the fact that many schools simply ignore the law. It’s unpopular, outdated, and wrong.That’s why we’re so concerned the Government is now planning to actively enforce the law on collective worship – despite the United Nations repeatedly calling for the UK to repeal it on human rights grounds.

The law allows families to ‘opt out’ of compulsory collective worship, in most cases this will lead to the child being singled out and made to sit in a room with nothing educationally worthwhile to do. We’re campaigning to replace collective worship with inclusive assemblies.

Do you agree that children should be given the freedom to make up their own minds about what they believe? If you’re passionate about making sure schools are safe, open, and inclusive places for young people to be, then please help us scale up our work against compulsory worship in UK schools.

Please help us to stand against the pushing of religion onto children.

Please don’t forget to donate to Humanists UK today. All children have a right to participate in fully inclusive assemblies which bring the community together and treat everyone equally.

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