We can put you in touch with local BHA accredited celebrants who perform secular ceremonies:

Sylvie Summer.  BHA celebrant network coordinator for the West Midlands.   Funerals, Weddings & Namings.

Tel. 01788 877 568.     Mobile. 07971 798 245     http://humanist.org.uk/sylviesummer/   Email. sylvie@sylviasummer.net

Laura Gimson.    Weddings.

Mobile.  07876 682 747    http://humanist.org.uk/lauragimson/     Email.  Laura.gimson@gmail.com

Robert Jelley.  Funerals, Weddings & Namings

Tel. 02476 453 832.  Mobile. 07763 005 654  http://humanist.org.uk/robertjelley/   Email. rmjelley@gmail.com

For a full list of local BHA celebrants click here.

“When we mark an important event, we often want to involve our family and our friends. We want to share our emotions as we say ‘Hello’ to a new arrival, ‘Congratulations’ to a new couple, or ‘Farewell’ to a lost friend or relative: there is comfort in sharing those events.  These days many people, who are approaching let’s say a joyful event, want to share their joy in a way that is honest to their ideas and perceptions – without hypocrisy.” Robert Jelley
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